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I help people shift their mindset, get "unstuck", get in alignment, speak with authenticity and authority, and be their "true selves". At least that's what my clients and audiences are saying!

My background doesn't really matter because it's all about how I can help you and bring value to you, your life or business, or your company. But just in case you want to understand how I got to this point here is short summary.

My degree is Pre-Medical Exercise Physiology, I landed my first role immediately in a Hollywood film called, "Radio" with Cuba Gooding Jr., Ed Harris, and Alfre Woodard which I was featured and had an opportunity for my SAG card. I spent time with Cuba and Riley Smith and after that booked my first agent. I went on to land the lead in several theater productions and then to teaching acting in an agency. I knew I wanted to be a director so I connected with Fritz Kiersch (Director of the Children of the Corn) and Grey Frederickson (Producer of The Godfather Triology). I directed my first film which was nominated for Best Family Picture in a short film category and aired on Television. During this time I owned and operated my business of personal training as an Exercise Physiologist where I trained Miss America from 2007, Realtor celebrities and Bootcamps. (Phew. Bored yet!?) I landed an international commercial where one of my highlights was being on a coupon! After that I was selected as a resident Actor in a theater company in which I received my Actor's Equity Card. I performed with Broadway actors, international film stars like Lou Diamond Phillips, who won a Tony Award, Jensen Ackles from CN's Supernatural, and performed in opera houses and small theaters with audiences from 40 to 2,000.

In addition to teaching acting and performance at a University and the Theater at the time, I auditioned for roles such as Louie the Alligator in Disney's Princess and the Frog, Steven Spielberg's Band of Brothers, The Expendables, and many more. I landed a role on Prison Break in Season 3 as a character named Tico in a scene with Robert Wisdom, Robert Knepper, Wentworth Miller, and several others and that's when I received my SAG card ability.

After all of that I began directing and producing Fortune 500 films for Transamerica and a Hollywood film called "The Ningyo" which was directed and worked on by the team from Transformers 3, Thor, and a few other films. In addition to my work on Cartoon Network's "One Piece" for voiceovers, I also did motion capture in video games and went on to be a founder on a Video game, toy, app, card game called "The Lightseekers" which is available on Amazon, Toys R Us, and the app store. I also co-produced a video game that will be released on Sony Playstation and was written in TIME magazine called, "Pinstripe."

I've taken all of the 20+ years of Entrepreneurship, Life, Acting, Directing, Performing, and Celebrity and turned that into what you see now. I coach individuals and groups on life, entrepreneurship, public speaking, presenting on social media, but most importantly, the thing I've found that seems to be the most valuable, necessary, and missing ingredient to success, mindset.

I motivate and inspire because after all of these years of difficulties, ups and downs, and struggles and successes, without mindset, none of the successes would have been possible. You can always find tips, tricks, strategies, marketing angles, clever gadgets, and good copywriting, but to connect with someone so that you will make decisions to get back up once you've been knocked down, this is one of kind. If I happen to be that person you connect with. I'm honored and excited to begin working together.

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From speaking with Cuba Gooding Jr. in the locker room in the movie, “Radio,” to on-stage performances with Jensen Ackles in “A Few Good Men.”  JB has worked with a list of celebrities and A and B list actors and continues to work or collaborate with them years later.  There is a reason for “celebrity status” and it’s not what most people think.


From Magazine articles, interviews, Television, Film, Theater, and Public Speaking appearances, JB uses all of those exciting experiences to guide, help, and inspire others to go after their dreams.  Go from stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of what to do next, to empowered!


Producing is another level of entrepreneurship. It’s truly delegating yourself so that you can accomplish more. More importantly, it demonstrates the ability of the producer to spot talent, future success, or an emerging market before there are any other clues.  JB’s selection as a Producer has demonstrated his ability to recognize future success in business and talent.


Directing has always been the goal, since watching “In Living Color” in California when he was 8-years old.  Fritz Kiersch taught us that once you’ve experienced everyone else’s job, you can then be a better leader.  After having edited, colored, lit, blocked, camera-operated, and more, JB is now one of the most trusted, inspired, and exciting Directors to work with.

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JB is motivational, kind and inspiring and his straight-forward style helped me to focus on the real value I offer my clients more effectively than I could have without him. Whenever we finish talking I feel more focused on what to do next.

Minnie von Mallinckrodt-GrantBusiness Mentor, Marketing Strategist, TEDx Speaker Coach at Minnie Von Coaching

Jerome is one of the most upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic individuals I've ever met, and his work ethic I've observed is top-notch. He's a true professional in every sense of the word; as such he'd be a tremendous asset to any situation.

Damon BlalackPh.D. student; Filmmaker; Film Professor; Exec. Director of Red Dirt Film Festival; Manager of Billy and Anais Yeager

Special thanks to JB Bethea for providing truth bombs and insight. Thank YOU! Everyone was so impressed and inspired. You definitely made an impact - so happy to have had you speak.

Dania HammadHost/Digital Content Creator

You provided so much value… It was an amazing speech.

Henry LandauCEO at First Health Pro| LinkedIn Professional w/ over 10k followers

Jerome is always prepared. He has a great attitude. There are many people who are cut throat and selfish. Jerome is the antithesis of self-serving.

Bryan PittsPlenipotentiary

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